5 january 2021

Ben Ferencz, a longtime world federation advocate, was “decorated with the title of ‘Distinguished Honorary Fellow of the International Criminal Court’…during an online event held with ICC Officials and Staff” last month. A bust of Ferencz “was unveiled to be housed permanently at the Court’s premises as ICC Principals praised his extraordinary career and relentless commitment in the service of international criminal justice.”

Democracy Without Borders says on its website, “At an online discussion hosted by Democracy International on the occasion of the 2020 Global Online Forum on Modern Direct Democracy and the United Nations’ 75th anniversary that was commemorated this year, four international experts shared their views on the proposal of a UN World Citizens’ Initiative (UNWCI), concluding that it could be a way to address the UN’s democratic deficit, serve as a tool for global social movements and give regular citizens a voice.”

NS Venkataraman writes in an op-ed at India’s WION, “In the past, some ardent thinkers have advocated world government, where one administration would rule the entire world, as the ultimate solution to resolve the conflicts in the world and promote lasting peace.” Many people “think that this concept of a borderless world could never be achieved. This concept, though, has its own merits and value. … It is high time that the United Nations ponders seriously on the subject of spiritual politics and gives a lead to the world in debating about the possibility and methodology of achieving spiritual politics. Certainly, this concept should be the ultimate standard for world civilisation.”

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