4 january 2021

The Alchemy of Peace: 6 Essential Shifts in Mindsets and Habits to Achieve World Peace by Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing of the Center for Peace and Global Governance was published on January 1. The 240-page book “offers the gift of hope and a viable path out of the current chaos. It identifies a set of dysfunctional habits borne of tired old perspectives, false assumptions, limiting beliefs, and interpretations on the basis of which we make choices about how to behave. It posits that replacing these mindsets and habits with more constructive and empowering ones will open our eyes to new opportunities growing out of the ferment of our troubled times.”

The Union of European Federalists wished its supporters a happy new year, writing, “2020 has been a tremendously challenging year for humanity, democracy, and freedom. However, your resilience, values, sense of federalism, activism, and courage have kept us all inspired to continue striving for a more equal, united, and progressive Europe. … We Europeans should start the new year positively with courage and confidence in order to overcome this crisis together.”

Rajesh Mirchandani of the UN Foundation writes about “Five Global Issues to Watch in 2021“: ensuring equity and inclusivity at the heart of all we do; accelerating progress on the sustainable development goals; making peace with our planet; confronting a looming humanitarian catastrophe; and reimagining multilateralism.

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