11 december 2020

— On the Citizens for Global Solutions website, World Service Authority President David Gallup writes that this year marks both “the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of the Principles on Tolerance and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations Charter. Both Declarations and the Charter provide a framework for building unity in a diverse world. … On the anniversary of both Declarations and the Charter, we celebrate the strides we have made to practice tolerance; at the same time, we recognize that much work remains to be done to advance tolerance and respect for universal rights. … Universal rights and tolerance are interdependent: one cannot exist without the other.”

— In an essay on the Democracy Without Borders website, Michael Abramowitz and Alex Their write that United States President-elect Joe Biden “has vowed to put revitalizing democracy at the center of his agenda.” To do so, Biden “should deliver a major speech in the first months of his term that builds on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘Four Freedoms‘ and updates Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Westminster speech on democracy for a new era. The speech should build a bridge between America’s past and its future, linking the need to safeguard our democratic values at home with the global struggle for democracy and human rights abroad.” Biden must also “place supporting democracy and confronting authoritarianism at the heart of his foreign policy,” and approach “alliances — both old and new — with renewed purpose.” The U.S. must also “demonstrably improve its own democracy.”

— Mark Leon Goldberg writes at UN Dispatch that Saturday’s five-year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement will be marked with “a Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the United Nations, the United Kingdom, and France, in partnership with Chile and Italy.” Goldberg’s podcast hosted Laura Gallardo Klenner of the University of Chile Center for Climate and Resilience Research, Stockholm Environment Institute Senior Research Fellow Chris Malley, Catholic University of Valparaiso Center for Climate Action Director Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, and Graham Watkins of the Climate Change Division of the Inter-American Development Bank to discuss “ways countries can take on climate change while also improving human health and spurring economic development.”

— openDemocracy is seeking a Head of Advocacy and Impact working remotely or based in the London office. The salary is £45,000-£55,000, and the desire candidate will have at least seven years’ professional experience “in either media, campaigns, policy, communications or other fields relevant to openDemocracy’s work.”

— The Association of World Citizens has released a six-minute video to mark Human Rights Day:

Quote of the Week:

“I do feel that some minimum of global government to abolish war and to cope with pollution, is absolutely necessary.” — Arnold Toynbee

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