10 december 2020

— Members of the European Commission Committee on Foreign Affairs will on Thursday “discuss with Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani how North Macedonia is implementing EU-related reforms. MEPs are expected to follow up on North Macedonia’s efforts to improve neighbourly relations, domestic reforms and its foreign policy agenda.” On the Atlantic Council website, Dimitar Bechev and Damir Marusic write, “Western leaders — and especially those in Europe — looking at North Macedonia in the context of a slowdown in EU enlargement, should ask themselves how they can be more productively and strategically engaged. … If the Western Balkans Six — North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina — build on existing momentum toward deeper mutual cooperation, new avenues of integration with the rest of Europe become conceivable.”

— Democratic World Federalists Vice President Fritz Pointer writes in an online essay that according to the United Nations, “Human Rights and the Environment are intertwined; human rights cannot be enjoyed without a safe, clean and healthy environment; and sustainable environmental governance cannot exist without the establishment of and respect for human rights. … There must be Global Governance [and] Global Oversight” when it comes to the disposal “of toxic waste, especially e-waste. In Ghana, each month, hundreds of thousands of tons of used electronics, mainly from Europe and the United States, are delivered in huge containers. In Nigeria, up to 100,000 people 2 work in the informal e-waste sector, processing half a million tons of discarded appliances each year.”

— The World Resources Institute has added African Union High Representative for Partnerships with Europe Carlos Lopes and Edison Electric Institute Vice President for International Programs Lawrence Jones to its Global Board of Directors, saying that “both of these highly respected leaders bring a breadth and depth of experience to WRI’s work and mission, as well as a recognition of the importance of diversifying WRI’s leadership.”

— The Stimson Center‘s Andrew Hyde writes that with the incoming Joe Biden Administration, the U.S. “has an opportunity in 2021 to restore a credible and meaningful leadership role, in part through a renewed commitment to ensuring” that the United Nations “is adequately resourced and funded.” The Biden Administration “can make genuine progress in aligning what the U.S. is willing to pay with its currently assessed rate by exercising sufficient political will either to undertake a robust diplomatic outreach effort to cap the future U.S. rate or seek Congressional approval to remain at the higher currently-assessed rate.”

— At 1300 UTC on Thursday, the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy will host the webinar “National Reparations Policies for Survivors Of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Views from Colombia and Mali”.

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