8 december 2020

— The Nation reports that in an interview last week, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said “humanity’s survival will be ‘impossible’ if the United States doesn’t rejoin the Paris Agreement and achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050, as the incoming Biden administration has pledged.” Guterres said that “‘of course’ he had been in touch with President-elect Biden and looked forward to welcoming the United States into a ‘global coalition for net zero by 2050’ that the UN has organized.”

— The United Nations Association of the United States of America runs an online profile of its New York City chapter, writing that it “has been deeply committed to…abolishing modern slavery. Last year, UNA NYC’s annual UN Day Humanitarian Awards Gala Dinner was dedicated entirely to this issue, and from this event emerged a new partnership with Freedom United, the largest modern anti-slavery community in the world that works to mobilize people to take action against all forms of modern slavery wherever it exists. Over the past year, UNA NYC and Freedom United have been working together to advocate for SDG 8.7 and get more countries to ratify the Forced Labour Protocol of the International Labour Organization.”

— The Mondalist examines “The Theory Of Change By Democracy Without Borders“, writing that DWB “has now developed a theory: The Theory of Change. It is about the creation of a democratic world constitution, with an elected world parliament, as the core of a world organisation, which must be endowed with the sovereignty necessary to regulate the affairs of mankind,” by 2045. The Mondialist says, “This all sounds very ambitious. Like any theory, the ‘theory of change’ must prove itself in practice.”

— United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told the fifth meeting of the High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa-Europe Relations last week, “You are meeting at a critical time. As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and its dire consequences, the work of this eminent Group takes a renewed importance. Now more than ever, we must leverage solidarity and collaboration within and across regions — and there are few examples as inspiring as the long-standing and diverse EU-Africa relationship. … Africa and the EU can continue to count on the UN — our expertise and convening power at the country level are there to help maximize the impact of your partnership in each country and community.”

— Video of the Conference on the Future of Europe (Conferenza sul futuro dell’Europa) featuring Union of European Federalists President Sandro Gozi is available via Facebook.

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