30 november 2020

— Ella Hopkins writes at openDemocracy that the G20’s continued failure to act on debt cancellation is particularly harmful to women: “As schools closed and national lockdowns shut down access to essential services, women were left to fill the gaps in childcare and care for sick family members. Women and girls’ unpaid and underpaid care and domestic work, long exploited, has ballooned during the pandemic but still remains largely unrecognised.” Women, “particularly in the Global South, are bearing the brunt of the economic damage from the pandemic.”

— Marc Pilisuk writes on the Citizens for Global Solutions website, “Students and friends sometimes ask me what can be done in the face of the flood of despairing news of the day. … We all do need to nourish ourselves and our immediate surroundings. But you will not fall apart if you combine this self-care with keeping a steady eye on even the most onerous and heart-wrenching circumstances.” We would also “be wise to keep our leaders at all levels from risking nuclear war or wars that may escalate into nuclear war and from perpetuating a nuclear arms race. … Third, I think there is a need for pragmatic and creative activity to go on without a requirement of showing signs of success.” We can also “be creative in choosing tactics that have the potential for greater leverage in social change,” and we are “all capable of fighting back on individual issues, while at the same time, working toward a vision of a kinder and more caring society.”

— The Mondialist continues its examination of the Association of World Citizens, writing that the AWC Taiwan “hosted the last World Citizens Assembly in Taipei in 2001, which, according to its own information, was attended by over 600 delegates from more than 50 countries. … There [is] no news on the English website since 2010,” but the Chinese-language version continues to be updated. AWC Germany “was founded as a branch of the AWC international. It still sees itself as a branch of this umbrella organisation, which according to my research only exists in fragments.” The Mondialist says the chapter “sees itself as part of a fictitious international peace movement. … There is no interest whatsoever in progressive perspectives, such as a World Parliament or a World Federation.”

— Maurizio Guerrero, writing at PassBlue, says the United States, “ignoring two proposals from Africa to fill the United Nations special envoy post for Libya,” has “demanded that the secretary-general…accept its own choice,” Bulgarian diplomat Nickolay Mladenov. Guerrero says “the maneuver could leave Africa with only a minimal voice in the mediation of a war in its own continent, spurred almost a decade ago by a Western military intervention that the African Union staunchly opposed.”

— On Tuesday, December 1, at 1215 UTC, Parliamentarians for Global Action in partnership with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will host a webinar on “Improving the System for the Nomination and Elections of Judges: Can the ‘ICC System’ Learn From the European Court of Human Rights?”

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