23 november 2020

Citizens for Global Solutions concluded its 2020 National Convention Friday evening with presentations by Glen Martin of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and Israeli peace activist Shimri Zameret, as well as discussions of CGS programs.

— David Langness writes at, “One of the primary promises of the Baha’i revelation — the establishment of a world commonwealth, a global system of human governance — is now quietly unfolding across the planet. … Building a world commonwealth isn’t just a theoretical question. Humanity has already attempted to unify twice on a global level, with the League of Nations after World War I and the United Nations after World War II. … Together with the opposing tendency to warfare and self-aggrandizement against which it ceaselessly struggles, the drive towards world unity is one of the dominant, pervasive features of life on the planet.”

— The World Resources Institute is seeking a Program Analysis Intern for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities program. This is “a full-time, six-month internship with flexible start and end dates based on the student’s availability and need for the project.”

— The Mondialist examines the history of the Association of World Citizens, arguing that the effectiveness of the organization has declined since the death of longtime president Douglas Mattern nearly a decade ago.

— World Citizens Association of Australia President Chris Hamer spoke on the proposal for a World Security Community of Democratic Nations at the recent online conference “A New Atlantic Pact. A Peaceful Cooperation Area from Vancouver to Vladivostok”:

One reply on “23 november 2020”

What David Langness tells us in his article “Conceiving a World Commonwealth – With the Politics of Love” is nothing more than belletristic buzz. It has nothing to do with the real world, nor with the real Bahá’í community. It is eyewash.

Unfortunately, I must repeatedly point out that the teachings of the Bahá’í religion do not envisage a democratic and secular world federation, but a pseudo-democratic theocracy. And it is this theocracy that will come to power worldwide, after the expected collapse of the present systems.

Of course that will not happen. Nevertheless, the Bahá’ís believe this, or rather the Bahá’í leadership claims that all Bahá’ís see it that way, but this is not the case. Most Bahá’ís do not know what is behind it.

They believe that the teachings and precepts of the Bahá’í Faith will be valid for a thousand years – 800 years now – for all mankind. The rules laid down in the Bahá’í scriptures are incontestable for that time. This will certainly not work.

Therefore, the public activities of the Bahá’í community should be viewed critically. In my observations, they have served solely to promote the Bahá’í Faith and the Bahá’í administration’s own interests. Cooperation with other groups, such as the World Federalists, serves only as a means to an end.


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