20 november 2020

— Italian Member of the European Parliament Sandro Gozi, in a piece at that is republished by the Union of European Federalists, criticizes Hungary and Poland for distancing themselves from the human rights requirements of the European Union treaties, writing, “If you ask to join a club, you respect the rules that all members have given themselves. If you don’t like those rules, either you leave the club, or you try to change them with the support of the majority of the members.” Gozi says Hungary and Poland “pretend to be European when it comes to receiving European billions of euros, and they are nationalists when it comes to respecting the rules and values they signed.”

— The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect on Wednesday hosted a panel discussion on the United Nations response to atrocities focused on the situations in Burma and Sri Lanka. The event featured British diplomat Charles Petrie and Guatemalan diplomat Gert Rosenthal.

— Parliamentarians for Global Action this week is hosting the 11th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law virtually via Zoom this week. The meetings “have represented an excellent opportunity for Lawmakers worldwide to discuss and develop strategies to reinforce international and domestic criminal justice and prevent international crimes.”

— Amnesty International is launching what it calls “the world’s biggest human rights campaign, Write for Rights, calling on governments to put right injustices against individuals who are detained or persecuted in countries across the globe, and to lead by example in building a fairer post-COVID-19 world.” Amnesty International Acting Secretary General Julie Verhaar said, “We are at a crossroads — we can all choose to build a future which puts kindness, solidarity, tolerance and human rights at its core. Governments must use this moment to show that they can put right injustices by releasing prisoners of conscience, ending the persecution of human rights defenders, and upholding every person’s right to freedom of expression.”

— Gambia Association of Local Government Authorities President Latrikunda Sabiji has been appointed by the Global Parliament of Mayors “to serve as a member of its steering committee on EU-Africa relations. … The EU-Africa relations committee will focus on the components of the GPM Summit programme which will be held from 17-19 April 2021in Palermo, Italy.”

Quote of the Week:

“However difficult it may be to bring it about, some form of world government, with agreed international law and means of enforcing the law, is inevitable.” — John B. Orr

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