19 november 2020

— The Citizens for Global Solutions Annual Convention got underway Wednesday evening in virtual Zoom format with presentations by CGS’s Bob Flax and Donna Park, Anji Manivannan of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy, and veteran world federalism activist Jerry Tetalman, among others. The convention continues Thursday at 2230 UTC with presentations by representatives of the Center for UN Constitutional Research and Young World Federalists.

— The Atlantic Council has issued an 11-page brief entitled Renewing Transatlantic Strategy on Iranwriting that the election of Joe Biden in the United States “presents the prospect of major changes in US foreign policy, especially toward Iran. These changes cannot begin to be implemented until after Inauguration Day in January of the new year, while an urgent need exists for other players to bridge the gap.” The report presents recommendations for Britain, France, Germany, and the European Union “to preserve the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], promote regional peace and development and boost people-to-people contacts with Iran in concert with the new US administration.”

— Steve Valk of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby writes that though incoming U.S. President Joe Biden “comes into office with an ambitious agenda to tackle climate change…any legislation will need bipartisan support for passage” due to the partisan divide in the Senate. Valk says “one effective policy that appeals to both Democrats and Republicans is a fee on carbon with revenue distributed to households.” The European Union “is beating America to the punch by imposing a border carbon tax of its own, due to go into effect in 2023.”

— On the Association of World Citizens website, Elio Pinto offers a “path to the democratization of education,” writing that “self-taught education can be of quality, at a very low cost, almost free. Thanks to the Internet, we have the best University in the World; from our devices. Teaching available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

— United Nations Association of the United States of America Youth Observer Dustin Liu interviews Andreas Schleicher of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Programme for International Student Assessment:

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