17 november 2020

— The European Parliament and the International Charlemagne Prize Foundation are taking applications for the 2021 Charlemagne Youth Prize, awarded to those ages 16-30 who are “working on a project with a European dimension. … The three winning projects will be chosen from 27 projects nominated by national juries in each EU country. The first prize is €7,500, second prize €5,000 and third prize €2,500. If the situation allows it, representatives of all 27 national winning projects will be invited to Aachen, Germany, in May 2021 where the award ceremony will take place.”

— Human Rights Watch calls on the European Union to “set consequences if Central Asian governments fail to meet more ambitious human rights goals.” HRW says the EU’s “response to political turmoil, such as in Kyrgyzstan, or to challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic, should prioritize respect for human rights and the rule of law.” Human Rights Watch Europe and Central Asia Director Hugh Williamson said, “Central Asian countries’ responses to this year’s crises would have been more effective if they had lived up to their pledges to respect rights. The EU should be clear that greater support to the region is tied to genuine human rights reforms.”

— The Stimson Center has released Prioritization and Sequencing By Peacekeepers: Leading from the Field, a 46-page report by Aditi Gorur and Madeline Vellturo that examines how the concepts of prioritization and sequencing through mandates have been operationalized in the field by peacekeepers.

— The latest edition of Il Federalista/The Federalist is available online in EnglishFrench, and Italian.

— In the latest video from Young World Federalists, Eston McKeague looks at the detrimental impact on competition between nation-states on the environment and the progress of humankind as a whole:

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