16 november 2020

— The Citizens for Global Solutions 2020 National Convention is this week, with sessions via Zoom Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening beginning each night at 2300 UTC. Details and registration are available online.

— Young World Federalists is hosting a poetry contest: “Write a poem about world federalism, global citizenship, or a related topic for the chance to win free merch from our store. Join the Discord server to submit your poem and vote on submissions.”

— Amnesty International‘s Belissa Guerrero Rivas writes at OpenDemocracy that the Organization of American States has missed “another opportunity to combat the pandemic of repression in the Americas” by failing at its General Assembly last month “to focus their actions on human rights and, among other things, strongly condemn the repressive measures that some countries in the Americas have been employing to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.” Amnesty International will “be sending a further letter to the OAS asking it to address the repressive measures implemented in the face of the pandemic.”

— The latest episode of “After This: A Unification Podcast“, hosted by Daniel Blewitt and Shannon Happell-Horn of Young World Federalists, is now online.

— In his Manila Times column, Christian writer Max Sucquit Jr. makes a religious case for world federation, writing, “What an ideal set-up it could be — a world ruled by only one government! But only if it is ideal in every way. If that government is run by persons whose competence and integrity are beyond question, and obeyed by humans whose worthiness has been tested beyond any doubt. And more importantly, if that ideal setup will last indefinitely.”

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