5 november 2020

— On Wednesday, the United States officially became the first and only country to exit the Paris Agreement on climate change. World Resources Institute Vice President Climate & Economics Helen Mountford commented, “The decision to leave the Paris Agreement was wrong when it was announced and is still wrong today. The climate crisis is a threat to America’s prosperity and wellbeing, and most Americans want the government to pursue the goals outlined in the Agreement. Simply put, the United States should stay with the other 189 parties to the Agreement, not go out alone. The United States should be at the forefront of global efforts to stave off the climate crisis.”

— International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said in a Wednesday statement, “I welcome the news of Mr. Paul Gicheru‘s voluntary surrender and transfer to the custody of the International Criminal Court. On the 9th of February 2015, my Office requested the judges of the Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber II to issue a warrant of arrest for Mr Gicheru, on charges of interfering with ICC witnesses in the Kenya Situation, contrary to the Rome Statute. … The integrity of witnesses is essential for the Court’s determination of the truth. Within its means and mandate, my Office is committed to investigating and prosecuting individuals who attempt to pervert the course of justice by interfering with ICC witnesses.”

— Parliamentarians for Global Action and its Netherlands National Group will host the 11th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law on November 19-20. PGA said the session “will be a unique occasion to discuss…challenges in attaining a universal justice system at domestic, regional, and international levels centered on the Rome Statute, while discussing the sanctions against the ICC and the independent mandate of its organs. This conversation is especially timely and relevant given the crucial year for the ICC, which soon will have a new Prosecutor, six new judges, and several recommendations to implement according to the recently published Independent Expert Review report.”

— United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi told the UN General Assembly Third Committee Tuesday that “international collaboration and a sustained, adequately funded response are needed to ensure the world’s 80 million displaced persons are protected from the COVID‑19 pandemic and its lingering socioeconomic aftermath. … While donors have mobilized funds to assist the forcibly displaced, he expressed concern about countries which enforce travel restrictions that block channels for asylum seekers and urged States to not violate their international obligations relating to non-refoulement.”

— The European Federalist Movement of Turin will host a Zoom debate on “A New Atlantic Pact: A Peaceful Cooperation Area from Vancouver to Vladivostok” on November 7 at 1930 UTC. Speakers will include Joseph Baratta of Worcester State University, World Citizens Association of Australia President Chris Hamer, and Ira Strauss of the Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO. This will be the Zoom link.

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