2 november 2020

— Former German Foreign Minister and The Greens leader Joschka Fischer argues in an op-ed that the defeat of United States President Donald Trump in this week’s election is essential to any hope of saving transatlanticism, but warns that “the biggest threats to the transatlantic relationship have little to do with Donald Trump, and Europeans ignore them at their peril.” For the U.S., he argues, “there can be no returning to the status quo ante in which Europe was a security freeloader,” and adds that both the U.S. and European Union have been increasingly focused on Asia and not on each other in international affairs. However, “at least under a [Joe] Biden presidency, US allies would once again be treated as allies, and multilateralism would no longer be held in contempt by its erstwhile champion.”

— Grant Shubin of the Global Justice Center praised the 10 nations that prevented the passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution on Women, Peace, and Security because it did not meet with agreed language on human rights, the role of civil society, and women’s participation in peace processes. Shubin said, “Every country who withheld its vote for this unnecessary and dangerous resolution should be applauded. The Women, Peace and Security agenda is anchored in human rights and this resolution could have turned back the clock on 20 years of progress.”

— South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Naledi Pandor said on the occasion of United Nations Day that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of multilateralism. Addressing the UN Day 75th Commemoration virtual event, Pandor said, “The pandemic has awfully reminded us of the indispensable value of multilateralism. We have seen that, as with other contemporary challenges, no country acting alone can successfully deal with the pandemic. … [This] should also be a world free of poverty, inequality and underdevelopment, a world of inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity, and it should be a world where young people are able to grow and thrive, and where women have equal rights and opportunities.”

— The United Nations Department of Peace Operations said that it has selected Chief Inspector Doreen Malambo, currently serving in the UN Mission in South Sudan, as the 2020 United Nations Woman Police Officer of the Year. Malambo “currently serves as a Gender Adviser in Juba, South Sudan. Working with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), she helped establish the ‘Stand Up for Rights of Women and Girls’ initiative that has helped to reduce and prevent sexual and gender‑based crime in South Sudan.”

— The Mondialist notes that the Young World Federalists website now has German and Persian versions available, in addition to the previously existing English and Spanish versions. The Mondialist suggests the YWF “should also think about a fixed world communication language” like Esperanto for its website.

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