30 october 2020

— Glen T. Martin of the World Constitution and Parliament Association argues in a blog post that humankind “cannot have universal dignity, common humanity, and inalienable rights, and then somehow assume that our duty to the community that made these possible can be served through participating in divisive, violent, and conflictive behavior within that human community.” Martin says The Constitution for the Federation of the Earth “remedies that vast defect of the current world disorder.”

— In a message to the Group of 77, United Nations Secretary‑General António Guterres said in part, “The Group of 77 members are among the countries at greatest risk from the impacts of climate disruption. Ambitious multilateral action and solidarity are needed to save lives and livelihoods from the pandemic and the climate crisis. We need to use the recovery from COVID‑19 to put us back on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to win the battle against climate change.”

— On the ActionAid USA website, Alberta Guerra writes, “Just as it has done for the past 75 years, the world observed World Food Day on October 16.” This year, the event “was a sober reminder that 2 billion people still do not have enough to eat, and the COVID-19 crisis is expected to put 130 million more people at risk of food insecurity. Some organizations even started a campaign to rename the day ‘World Hunger Day.’ … While COVID-19 is undermining the livelihoods of millions of women around the world, the United Nations is turning its attention towards corporate interests” with a Food System Summit in 2021. ActionAid has joined “hundreds of organizations to express our concerns around the Summit and to denounce the corporate capture of the UN space.”

— European Parliament negotiators said Thursday after concluding a round of informal negotiations with the Council of the European Union that no compromise has been reached on the rule of law conditionality mechanism. Another round of talks are scheduled for November. The Parliament says it “has been ready to start inter-institutional negotiations on the ‘rule of law conditionality regulation since January 2019. … The EP’s main demand has been to effectively link EU funds to the respect for the rule of law and fundamental rights in member states, by an ‘applicable mechanism’ that can be triggered effectively.”

— Katherine Walla argues on the Atlantic Council website that transatlantic democracies “must begin working together to develop new technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to strengthen their collective defense, support democracy, and protect their societies.” At an October 28 event, speakers from the European Commission, NATO, and the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence “called for transatlantic allies to extend their cooperation to research and development of artificial intelligence.”

Quote of the Week:

“At the tribunal of reason, there is but one means of extricating states from the turbulent situation, in which they are constantly menaced with war; namely, to renounce, like individuals, the anarchic liberty of savages, in order to submit themselves to coercive laws, and thus form a society of nations which would insensibly embrace all the nations of the earth.” — Immanuel Kant

One reply on “30 october 2020”

This is a story which unfortunately has a very negative impact on the reputation of world federalism.
In Dr. Martin’s latest article his advanced loss of reality is unmistakably evident: The world is abysmally evil. We should not continue to participate in this evil world and non-cooperation with evil is our duty. Only the “Earth Constitution” brings us salvation. It is raised like a holy scripture. It is almost like a sect. No, the WCPA is currently not trustworthy. Who should take such a thing seriously? It is unfortunate that this also affects the Democratic World Federalists, because their president Roger Kotila is also the vice president of the WCPA. And Dr. Martin is a board member of the DWF.


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