22 october 2020

— World federalists are invited to join the Young World Federalists Discord server to meet and interact with colleagues and allies from around the world. John Vlasto of Democracy Without Borders writes, “If you don’t already have a Discord account, you will be prompted to create one — it’s very simple. Once you are on the platform, look on the left side of the screen and you will see the various channels. Head to ‘Introductions’ and let us know who you are. If you introduce yourself as active in an existing world federalist organization, you will be directed to the ‘Professional’ channels, as well as having access to all the public channels.”

— Parliamentarians for Global Action expressed concern about the decision by the International Criminal Court to extend the nomination period for the prosecutorial election, arguing that the move “deviat[es]…from the Terms of Reference for the election of the prosecutor” adopted in April, and urging a “merit-based, rigorous, and fair assessment of the qualifications of all candidates” with full transparency and public hearings.

— The European Parliament voted 602-44 this week, with 44 abstentions, to adopt “a set of recommendations on how the EU should reassess its relations with Belarus.” The assessment “takes stock of developments both before and after the rigged presidential elections held in the country on 9 August this year, which resulted in a popular uprising against the current regime.”

— Alexander Kazamias writes at openDemocracy that as the European Union “reiterates its ambition to be the first carbon neutral continent” this week, the Energy Charter Treaty, “established in 1994 with limited public debate,” risks “undermining their Green New Deal.” Kazamias says the ECT “essentially acts as a bodyguard for the fossil fuel industry,” allowing energy corporations “to sue the state for policies that might negatively impact their profits. This includes suing governments for investing in renewable forms of energy.”

— Supporters of a UN Parliamentary Assembly are tweeting this week with the hashtag #WorldParliament as part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, which runs through Sunday.

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