19 october 2020

— In a piece published on the United Nations Association of the USA website, Thomas Pesek of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations marks the 75th anniversary of that organization, writing that since that time, “the world has made great strides in reducing food insecurity, alleviating poverty and improving nutrition globally. Agricultural productivity and agri-food systems have come a long way. … Yet today, nearly 700 million people still face hunger while more than 2 billion people lack access to safe and nutritious foods, and up to 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet.” Pesek says “everyone has a role to play in ensuring nutritious food is available for all — from governments, researchers, producers, businesses, organizations to individuals.”

— Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow writes in Ovi Magazine on the occasion of World Food Day that “World Citizens have played an important role in efforts to improve agricultural production worldwide and especially to better the conditions of life of rural workers,” and that “education and vision are required for ecologically-sound political leadership leadership. Thus Citizens of the World are called upon to provide wise leadership to work to protect the planet, and to encourage ecologically-sound individual and collective action.”

— Thalif Deen writes at Inter Press Service that “the United States was notoriously missing in action” from the event earlier this year marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The U.S., “which is traditionally given pride of place as host country to the UN, was not represented either by the President, the Secretary of State or the Permanent Representative to the UN (in that pecking order). The designated speaker for the commemorative meeting was a deputy US Permanent Representative — way down the political hierarchy.” Deen says “disrespect to the UN at the 75th anniversary meeting comes alongside US withdrawal or pledges to withdraw from UNESCO, UNICEF, UNRWA, and the WHO.”

— An essay at Mondialist critiquing the World Service Authority also argues, “There is certainly the potential for a new World Citizens’ Movement. This results from the absolute necessity of the political unification of mankind in a democratic and federal World Union, as well as from the many organisations and individuals who are already working for it. … Concrete World Citizens’ actions” such as the UNPA Campaign and the Campaign for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative “are also underway.”

— The Atlantic Council hosted “Investing In Africa’s Future, A Conversation With African Presidents” on Friday, featuring comments from Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi and Senegal President Macky Sall, as well as Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, Chief of Staff to Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou. A full transcript of the event is available.

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