9 october 2020

— The National Educational Telecommunications Association will be distributing the film “The World is My Country”, which documents the life and work of World Service Authority founder and “World Citizen #1” Garry Davis to PBS stations across the United States for possible broadcast. 

— In the first episode of his new podcast, United Nations Association of the United States of America Youth Observer Dustin Liu talks with Ahmed Badr of Narratio, a platform for youth empowerment through creative expression, about the power of storytelling.

— UN Secretary‑General António Guterres launched a call for action to advance the role of women in peacekeeping, saying in part, “Women’s leadership is a cause. We must make it a norm. That is how we will transform international peace and security. And that is how we will build a peaceful and equal future, which has proven so elusive in all the efforts that we are making; namely, to implement a global ceasefire.”

— The European Parliament has passed a measure urging member states “to ensure that young people who register for the Youth Guarantee schemes are offered ‘good-quality, varied and tailored jobs, training or internships.’ With the youth unemployment rate at 17.6% in the EU in August 2020 (up from 14.9% before the COVID-19 crisis) and expected to continue rising, Parliament calls for more funds to strengthen the Youth Guarantee scheme for 2021-2027.”

— Aliya Yule writes at openDemocracy that the UK needs a migrant rights movement. The Fair Immigration Reform Movement has laid out a charter “that sets out the demands and movement principles articulated by migrant communities. In the document, ‘migration’ is not a distinct phenomenon from racism and colonial injustice, but rather, appears as the most visible expression of these oppressive structures and ideologies. The FIRM Charter calls attention to the serious societal changes needed to establish a fair, just and rights-based migration policy.”

Quote of the Week:

“An entirely new piece of political machinery is needed. I want a federal world authority for peace with justice throughout the world.” — William Henry Beveridge

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