1 september 2020

Emirates News Agency reports a delegation from the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace visited the Austrian Parliament in advance of the next session of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, which will be held in Vienna. Austrian Member of Parliament Ewa Dziedzic “praised the council’s key role in supporting tolerance and peace around the world through its global parliament and the work of its members.”

— Roger Kotila of Earth Federation News & Views examines an analysis of the U.S. Democratic Party’s national ticket by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and says FAIR concludes “that the U.S. government under the Democrats will remain guilty of using direct (military force) and indirect (economic sanctions) violence as a main foreign policy tool to make nations submit.”

— Riccardo Alcaro of the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Rome argues in an essay at Valdai Discussion Club that the decline of U.S. power has left “great, mid-size and small powers” to “increasingly engage one another along partly overlapping paths of cooperation, competition and conflict, and often outside established multilateral regimes and institutions.” Alcaro says a “system resting on fragile regions and constantly shifting balances is no recipe for long-term security.”

— At TRANSCEND Media Service, René Wadlow lauds “the world citizen spirit of Maria Montessori’s teaching” on the 150th anniversary of the Italian educator’s birth.

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