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26 february 2021

The Millennium Project will host a World Future Day Global Conversation on March 1, featuring Millennium Project New Zealand Co-Chair Stephanie Pride and Alyn Ware of the World Future Council. The Global Solutions Initiative has scheduled the Global Solutions Summit 2021 for May 27 and 28. The summit “supports the T20 and G20 under the Italian G20 Presidency. It brings together top researchers, policymakers, business leaders […]

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Citizens for Global Solutions: “Time To Re-Think U.S. Security”

By Donna Park Most Americans who either support or accept the large amount of money spent on the U.S. military probably do so because they think it makes our nation secure.  But does it really? We certainly spend a lot of money on the military, much more than any other nation.  U.S. economic expert Kimberly […]

Democracy Without Borders: “On the Two Dimensions of Global Democracy”

By Petter Ölmunger Democracy Without Borders promotes global democracy. But is it self-evident what this means? This article highlights two perspectives which this term includes. What is democracy? Before elaborating on the global dimension it is useful to look at the concept of democracy in general. Democracy means different things in different contexts to different […]

Association of World Citizens: “A New Start for Stability in Libya”

By René Wadlow The 74 members of the Libya Political Dialogue Forum meeting in Geneva, Switzerland with the mediation of the United Nations, on February 5, 2021, announced the creation of a new executive authority for all of Libya. This interim unity government would lead the administration until national elections which are to be held […]

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